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تعبير انجليزي عن جدتي

تعبير انجليزي عن جدتي
موضوع تعبير عن جدتي بالانجليزي
تعبير عن جدة بالانجليزي
احبك جدتى موضوع
تعبير انجليزي عن grandfather
الجده بالانجليزي
جدي وجدتي بالانجليزي
حيوان الجدي بالانجليزي
معنى كلمة جد بالانجليزي

معنى كلمة grandmother
موضوع عن زيارة الجد والجده
بحث متعلقة بـ تعبير انجليزي عن جدتي
تعبير عن الجدة قصير
برجراف عن جده بالانجليزي

تعبير انجليزي عن grandfather

تعبير بالانجليزي عن grandmother

تعبير عن grandmother بالانجليزي
تعبير عن الجد بالانجليزي قصير
تعبير عن جدي وجدتي
موضوع تعبير عن الجد والجدة
كتابة جده بالانجليزي
كلمة جدتي بالانجليزي

My grandmother was wonderful
I am 18 years old and I have always been proud to have a beautiful big family with an adorable and fit grandmother despite her age. Dwelling no longer in my parents because of my studies, I was far from this grandmother. So, I visited it a little less but did not forget it despite everything. Every time I went to see her, I told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her. Unfortunately, on April 1st, which is usually a day of joy and laughter, my grandmother died in her sleep. She was 94 years old. Some will tell me she will have had a long life, but for me it seemed eternal.

Once, when she was taken to the hospital, my mother wanted to make me understand that she might die. I replied, "No, grandma is still too young! It was here that my mother saw how much I loved her and that there was no question of her dying. My grandmother quickly got out of the hospital and regained her biggest form. I then forgot the possibility that she could die. A few months later, I called my mother for news but she told me a terrible one. At the time, I did not realize. I was attending my classes.

It was during the funeral service, several days later, that I had a shock. She was in her grave, and I began to cry without being able to stop. My aunts told me she was lovely. I did not find it. I did not stop crying during the funeral. I would have liked to do otherwise to show everyone how courageous I am. Instead, I showed with my tears how important it had been to me. Even today, I have trouble talking about this lady so wonderful. It is said that with time, everything passes ... Unfortunately, I have the great fear of never recovering completely from his death. It will remain forever in my heart and now the April Fool, will never be the same again. It will have taken its day so that one never forgets the date of its flight ...

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