Future mothers: how to reconcile travel and pregnancy?

travel and pregnancyPregnancy does not exclude travel desires, especially if it is going normally. However, leaving for a distant country requires taking certain precautions, particularly in terms of transport, health and insurance.


 When to leave?


The ideal period for a trip is in the second trimester of pregnancy, more precisely from the 4th to the 6th month (weeks 14 to 26). However, it must be ensured that the pregnant woman is doing well and that it is not a twin pregnancy. That said, in any case, it is recommended to seek the advice of a doctor.


This trimester is preferable to the first, which carries an increased risk of miscarriage, and to the third, which instead presents a high probability of premature delivery.


What means of transport to use?


To cover a long distance, the ideal means of transport for a pregnant woman is the plane or the train, traveling by car being tiring and more risky for the future mother.


For a plane trip , do not forget to bring a certificate issued by the gynecologist because this document can be requested at the time of boarding. It is important to drink enough to avoid any risk of dehydration and to stimulate blood circulation by getting up regularly to take a few steps.


Which destination to choose?


Some destinations require the revision or the inoculation of new vaccines which are not always indicated in case of pregnancy. In addition, the infectious or parasitic diseases which are still rampant in certain regions of the world constitute a risk for the child and the future mother. A medical consultation is therefore essential before deciding on a particular country.


However, whatever the chosen destination, it is better to strictly respect the food and health precautions recommended. It is also necessary to find out about the hygiene conditions and the quality of the infrastructures , in particular the availability of medicines as well as the presence, on site, of competent doctors.


Am I covered by my travel insurance?


As travel insurance normally does not cover expenses relating to pregnancy, it is necessary to take the time to find out about the possibility of benefiting from repatriation assistance in the event of an unforeseeable complication. Indeed, in addition to less efficient health structures or a language barrier that is difficult to overcome, health costs can sometimes be very high in certain countries.


Do you have any other advice for future moms who want to go on a trip? Feel free to share them in the comments of this post.


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