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تعبير بالانجليزي عن الاجازة في دبي

تعبير بالانجليزي عن الاجازة في دبي
تعبير  عن دبي بالانجليزي مختصر
معلومات عن دبى بحث عن دبي بالانجليزي ،
بحث كامل عن دبي بالانجليزي جاهز
موضوع عن دبي بالانجليزي
تعبير عن مدينة زرتها بالانجليزي موضوع بحث عن مكان
موضوع بحث عن مكان طبيعي منظر وصف مدينة زرتها تعبير عن مدينة
زرتها بالانجليزي عمليات بحث متعلقة بـ تعبير عن مدينة زرتها بالانجليزي تعبير عن مدينة دبي
 تعبير عن دبي مختصر
تعبير عن رحله الى دبي تعبير عن السياحه في دبي ب
برجراف عن مدينة زرتها ب
موضوع عن دبي
paragraph about dubai
تعبير عن دبي بالانجليزي مختصر
تعبير عن رحله الى دبي بالانجليزي
تعبير عن السياحه في دبي بالانجليزي
برجراف عن مدينة زرتها بالانجليزي
موضوع عن دبي
معلومات عن دبي بالانجليزي مترجم
تعبير عن دبي بالانجليزي مترجم
paragraph about dubai

تعبير عن مدينة بالانجليزي

Dubai as a holiday destination? Juliette veni, vidi and validi
Dubai is one of the destinations ... where I probably will not go! But Juliette spent a week with her little family, and would (almost) change my mind ...
Pioute kindly left this page on his blog to defend a destination ... decried - especially by her - I named DUBAI.
When we informed our entourage that we were going to Dubai, the reaction was fairly unanimous: "What idea ... but what are you going to do there? Y'a full of other destinations much better than that "...
Yes but here we are a bit stubborn so we stayed on our decision! We did not have much time so we did not want to go too far, and we wanted to combine sun / beach / scenery, all this with a 2 year old.
And with this equation ... Dubai seemed like a good option!
So we left in March, with our chunette under our arm. About 6h30 of plane ... it's honest.

Arriving at the airport of Dubai, everything is very well organized, we pass the customs with a quick dazzling, we are directed to the taxis. The tourists are divided into several queues so that it is fluid. In short, in less than 2, we are in a car heading towards our hotel. And funny detail: Muslim country requires, there are taxis for women alone, led by women and colored ... pink!
First impression: the infrastructures are very American (signs, roads, etc.). Everything is hyper clean, not a paper that drags, quite aseptised in fact. And when you arrive in the heart of Dubai ... you can not even see the top of the buildings by the windows of the car!

Architecture fans will appreciate. This is no limit. The architects give themselves to heart. Every building has to be higher, more beautiful, more extravagant than the one next door. It is also in Dubai that you will find the highest tower of the world: Burj Khalifa. The "big big tower" as my daughter would say (yes she is almost bilingual ... what, I almost said!). It must be said that it measures 828m more than 2 times 1/2 the Eiffel Tower (312m)!
You have most certainly heard of current projects such as these palm-shaped artificial islands or the world map, made by 300 artificial islands!

We were staying at the Emirates Towers, one of the first towers built in Dubai on the 28th floor (the hotel has 56). The room is huge, with a huge bay window overlooking the city. The view, especially at night, is splendid. For a little, it feels like New York!
The service is impeccable and this will prove true wherever we go. There must be as many staff as tourists! Everything is done to make you feel good, pampered (but suddenly the hotel is quite expensive).

Dubai wants to become THE tourist destination and they can afford it. Many activities are offered: quad in the desert, camel ride, bathing complexes. The beaches are pretty pretty. We did not expect much, but the water is clear, the fine sand. A good surprise, therefore.
We were on the private beach of a hotel, but as we passed the public beach, we realized that the tourists were in bikini and that this was no problem.
The first religion of the country is Islam, of course, but Dubai is very open, I suppose, always in this desire to attract the barge. So, my long skirts and t-shirt were not essential in view of the holding of most people. Even though, on my side, I find it more respectful to stand a little side dress.

What do the locals think? They do not see them in the bathing suit on the beach for sure (finally the women, because the men though).
All or almost respect the traditional outfit. The men wear a white gandourah, a long-sleeved dress, adapted to religious beliefs and high summer heat, with black and white or red and white cheeses - the ghutra - held by the black wool crowns - the igal. The women also wear the gandourah, but black this time. They are veiled, but the face is not hidden for the most part.
And the contrast between tradition and modernism is quite interesting. A lot of locals have a huge portfolio, and that shows. It is amusing to see these men coming out of their ferrari and those women veiled from their porsche, to see glittery shoes and heels to surpass the gandourah.

The premises, moreover, there are few. 80% of the population of Dubai is immigrant. There are of course exparties and businessmen who come there for the enormous possibilities offered by Dubai in terms of economic location. There are tourists. And there is also the whole "labor force", which was brought from Pakistan, India and China to build the city but also to work in the restaurants, as taxi drivers, etc. For them, I do not think life is very beautiful, but it allows them to support their families who have remained in the country.
But suddenly, it has at least an advantage, everyone speaks English!

Why so few premises?
Come on, a little bit of history. Tradition traces the Maktoum dynasty back to 1833 when a tribe from Abu Dhabi settled on the Dubai site. The dubaiotes were at the origin of the nomads. This tribe of Bedouins makes the site prosper by relying on trade, fishing and pearl farming. Traders from Persia and India are encouraged to settle there, and make the village a favorite stop on the spice route. The souks have a fabulous growth. During the first two decades of the twentieth century, the town reached about 20,000 inhabitants (Dubai now has 2 million inhabitants). And it is in the second half of the twentieth century that the precious black gold allows Dubai to grow at high speed. Yet, oil reserves are limited, that is why today Dubai is putting everything on its port (Abu Dhabi 'has no choice but to export via the port of Dubai and pays the high price for disembarking and embarking on this site), but also why Dubai try at all costs to convert in the mass tourism and the business.

This small historical reminder explains the few cultural visits to do except the Dubai National Museum, some pretty 19th century forts and Hili tombs from the Bronze Age to Al Ain (on the border of Oman).

I can not speak to Dubai without mentioning their amazing shopping centers. The prices are not more interesting than with us, so for the shopping, it is missed. On the other hand, it's a real ballad!
Enormous aquarium, ice skating tracks, and of course, Ski Dubai where it snowed summer and winter. The largest interplanetary fridge. Because yes, it is possible to ski in Dubai. This happens at the Mall of the Emirates. The chairlifts take you to the summit of 5 slopes, including the world's first covered black trail. You can take ski lessons with the ESF (French ski school, and yes), and even go feed the penguins.
Well, I could not test because it's banned at least 3 years old, and I did not intend to let minimo look at us from the window of the St. Moritz Café down the slopes. Pity…
And for the little anecdote, watch your back, this is the first shopping center that I see where you can be doubled by a golf cart: if you are a little feigning, a driver takes you through the mall .
It's completely crazy.
As regards the means of transport on the spot. The simplest is the taxi. But you also have a few lines of Metro, all beautiful, brand new, on the surface. We did not take the local bus, but this is the first time I see air-conditioned bus stops !!!
To finish this little trip, we took the taxi direction Al Ain (about 1h30 of motorway in the middle of the desert). This city located on the border with the sultanate of Oman is more confidential and is surrounded by a desert with a very nice variety of colors of sand ranging from yellow to dark ocher, beautiful dune heights. In Al Ain, you will find some Hili tombs as I indicated above, but also a camel market that has been very popular at least. If we had had a few days more we would not have hesitated to cross the border to go to Oman, reputed to be more authentic than the United Arab Emirates.
For the return to Dubai, we took the bus. The Emirates company sets up a shuttle that takes you directly to Dubai airport, convenient.
Moreover, let's talk about Emirates company ... and its airbus A380 ... that of happiness for traveling
Am I stupid, I did not tell you about the weather. The months of February / March are really the ideal. It is between 22 and 28 ° C. No moisture in the air. And therefore not the fog that can be feared at warmer times of the year.

Here I think I told you the main thing about this destination: incredible tours, beautiful beaches, attractions, beautiful hotels, malls, desert tours ...
To describe it in one sentence, I would say it's the Las Vegas of the Middle East.
On the other hand, if you have a very pronounced ecological fiber, I fear that this destination does not suit you too much ...
Budget and practical information:
For the flight on Emirates in A380, count 1450 € for 3 (650 € per adult and 150 € for a child). A lot of attentions for the children: special meals served before the adults, games, etc. the pitchounette even had the right to his photo polaroid with the hat of a hostess!
For friendly hotels, you can find between 130 € (Hilton Al Ain) and 200 € (Jumeirah Emirates tower, with free shuttle to the hotel's private beach). Do not hesitate to compare the offers on the internet, also look at the comments of visitors on tripadvisor: some offers are very very interesting compared to others, but it is because a new tower is built next door for example ...
For the taxi from Dubai to Al Ain, count 50 € (for 1h30 of road). The return journey is free of charge for Dubai Airport by a bus set up by Emirates.
In just over 25 years, Dubai has literally exploded into one of the most dynamic cities and impressive physiognomy. It developed at a dizzying speed, where 40 years ago, not a single skyscraper was yet built on that then modest port of the Persian Gulf. Today, there are giant palm-shaped islands visible from space, the first 7-star hotel and Burj Khalifa Tower, the tallest building in the world.
Dubai is one of the seven states of the United Arab Emirates. This emirate is governed by a royal dynasty whose ambition is to stimulate the phenomenal growth of Dubai. The discovery of oil reserves in the 1960s transformed the region. What was once a fishing village became a powerful financial hub and transport hub. As its reserves began to decline, the city clearly turned to tourism.
Shopping is even today one of Dubai's top attractions. Here you can stroll through the sparkling streets of the Gold Souk in search of bargains or lose yourself in the one-day shopping paradise at the Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the world with more 1000 shops, an aquarium and an indoor theme park.
Dubai offers attractions that challenge the arid and difficult environment of this region. You will surely be amazed at the Dubai Fountain, a luminous fountain at the height still unmatched. You can even ski on the real snow of the ski resort of Ski Dubai.
But Dubai is not limited to the opulence imagined by man. You can also relax on beautiful beaches, explore marshy areas with rich wildlife and discover the magic of the desert at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.
The exceptional climate of Dubai makes it a year-round destination of choice. If, however, you are struggling to withstand a temperature of more than 40 ° C, winter and spring are the best seasons to get there.
Dubai also has an excellent public transport network, with more than 50 bus lines, water taxis and a metro. If you prefer to drive, the rental agencies will meet all your wishes, with Hummers and other dream Italian cars, or simply more classic vehicles.

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