الخميس، 25 أغسطس 2016

I don’t normally have any problems in dealing with money

I don’t normally have any problems in dealing with money, but once I nearly had a
very embarrassing experience. It was when my wife and I were on holiday, in a resort
on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It happened to be her birthday, so I said I would take
her out for dinner. She agreed, and suggested that we also invite a very nice couple —
an architect and his wife — who we had met at the hotel.
I knew about a nice seafood restaurant, so I phoned them and reserved a table. After
arriving there by taxi, we sat down at a table with a beautiful view of the sea, asked
for the menu and ordered. We decided to have soup, some starters, steamed fish,
fried prawns and salad. I wasn’t at all worried about what it was going to cost,
because whenever I buy anything expensive I always pay by credit card.
As we were finishing the main course, we started talking about family. I took out my
wallet to show a photo of my daughter, and then I noticed that my credit card was
missing! For a moment I panicked, then I remembered — I had put it down for a
moment on the bedside table in our hotel room — it must still be there!
What was I supposed to do? We were about to order some fruit and ice-cream, but I
had to pretend that everything was OK. I didn’t want to ruin my wife’s birthday, and I
felt embarrassed about mentioning it to the couple, as we didn't really know them well.
I knew I had $60 in notes in my wallet, but we’d ordered some of the most expensive
things on the menu, so it might not be enough.
I don’t remember the rest of the meal at all. I couldn't enjoy my ice-cream because I
was thinking about the arrival of the bill. But when it came, I was so relieved! I had
just enough to pay. After that, there was only one dollar left to give to the waiter as
a tip — he didn’t look very happy, but that didn't matter!
However, there was one final problem. How were we going to get back to the hotel?
I didn't have any cash for the taxi. So I quickly said, "Isn't it a beautiful evening? Why
don't we walk back along the beach?" Fortunately, the others accepted my suggestion
— so nobody ever knew my guilty secret!

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