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TIME: 3 hours TOTAL MARKS: 70
This paper has 3 pages
READING 1 (Items 1 – 6)
Read this text, and then for each question, write a short answer (not more than
I don’t normally have any problems in dealing with money, but once I nearly had a
very embarrassing experience. It was when my wife and I were on holiday, in a resort
on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It happened to be her birthday, so I said I would take
her out for dinner. She agreed, and suggested that we also invite a very nice couple —
an architect and his wife — who we had met at the hotel.
I knew about a nice seafood restaurant, so I phoned them and reserved a table. After
arriving there by taxi, we sat down at a table with a beautiful view of the sea, asked
for the menu and ordered. We decided to have soup, some starters, steamed fish,
fried prawns and salad. I wasn’t at all worried about what it was going to cost,
because whenever I buy anything expensive I always pay by credit card.
As we were finishing the main course, we started talking about family. I took out my
wallet to show a photo of my daughter, and then I noticed that my credit card was
missing! For a moment I panicked, then I remembered — I had put it down for a
moment on the bedside table in our hotel room — it must still be there!
What was I supposed to do? We were about to order some fruit and ice-cream, but I
had to pretend that everything was OK. I didn’t want to ruin my wife’s birthday, and I
felt embarrassed about mentioning it to the couple, as we didn't really know them well.
I knew I had $60 in notes in my wallet, but we’d ordered some of the most expensive
things on the menu, so it might not be enough.
I don’t remember the rest of the meal at all. I couldn't enjoy my ice-cream because I
was thinking about the arrival of the bill. But when it came, I was so relieved! I had
just enough to pay. After that, there was only one dollar left to give to the waiter as
a tip — he didn’t look very happy, but that didn't matter!
However, there was one final problem. How were we going to get back to the hotel?
I didn't have any cash for the taxi. So I quickly said, "Isn't it a beautiful evening? Why
don't we walk back along the beach?" Fortunately, the others accepted my suggestion
— so nobody ever knew my guilty secret!
1. Why did the writer and his wife go out for dinner? _______________________
2. How many other people went with them? _______________________
3. What kind of food was the speciality of the restaurant? ______________________
4. Where had the writer left his card? _______________________
5. How much exactly did he pay for the food? _______________________
6. How did they get back to the hotel? ______________________
Certificate for General Education, Elective English page 2
Semester Two, First Session, 2007 – 2008
READING 2 (Items 7 – 10)
Read each text. Then, for the numbered statement, write ‘True’ or ‘False’.
In a remarkable career, the Norwegian, Henrik Petersen, was the first man ever to reach
the South Pole on foot and to fly over the North Pole in an airship. He also discovered a
sea route through the Arctic Ocean from the North Atlantic to the North Pacific.
7. Petersen was an explorer. _________
The Stella Art Gallery has been open since the beginning of September. It specializes in
giving opportunities to young artists who are not yet well-known. It is open every day of
the week including Sundays. Entry is free of charge.
8. If you visit the gallery, you can see paintings by many famous artists. _________
My favourite character in the book is a woman called Helen Foster. After her parents die in
a road accident, she looks after her two younger brothers. Her only aim in life is to protect
them, which she does without thinking of her own personal happiness.
9. In the book Helen Foster gets married and has two children. _________
It was built in the early 15th century to protect the city from its enemies in the north.
With its 20-metre-high walls, it was never captured and stood for over five hundred years
— until it was completely destroyed by German bombs during the Second World War.
10. The writer is describing a museum. _________
You are a reporter for a newspaper. Your editor has asked you to write a
NEWS REPORT about an earthquake in China.
In your report, use ALL the information in the box. Your writing should be clear,
formal and well-organised. Include a Headline, an Introduction, a Main Body
and a Conclusion. Do not write your name.
*10,000 dead/30,000 injured *Sechuan region/ Central China
*panic/ ran into street *eight o’clock/ yesterday morning
* very strong/ 7.4 on Richter scale *schools/homes/ offices
*United Nations/ food/ medicine *many buildings/ destroyed
*rescue teams/ searching/ survivors *third earthquake/ Sechuan/ this year
Write your answers on your answer paper.
Certificate for General Education, Elective English page 3
Semester Two, First Session, 2007 – 2008
Complete the following task. Write at least 75 words.
Situation: Imagine that you are Nasr/ Nasra Al-Riyami. You are applying for a job in a
school for handicapped children.
Write a letter to the school principal, Fawzia Al-Hasmi. Write about:
 how you heard about the job
 your education, skills and work experience
 why you want to work for the school
Your letter should be polite, correct and clear. Do not write your address.
Write at least 100 words on the following topic:
“Some people like to study alone. Others like to study with other people.
Which do you prefer?”
— Answer the question. Give your reasons
Your writing should be clear, lively and interesting.
Write your answers on your answer paper.

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